Moniaive Gala

Gala Duck Race

February. Watch (and cheer on) 1,000 plastic yellow ducks as they make their perilous journey down the burn from the garages in Ayr Street to Waukmill bridge. Tickets £1. Prizes: 1st £150, 2nd £100, 3rd £50 plus a super booby prize for last duck home. Starts 2pm garages Ayr Street.

GALA 2011

gala 4

The nineteenth Moniaive Gala was a great success thanks to the community who threw themselves into the events of the week despite the rain!
Everything from the Institute… tables, chairs, tea urns and yes, even the fridge were loaded up and delivered to the marquee and unloaded and set up by the committee. Generator hooked up and lights and power sorted. Drink delivered and stored plus all the other paraphenalia needed to run a gala. Then we were off…
We started with the Bingo on Tuesday evening which was held in the Craigdarroch.
Thursday we held the Cream Cracker eating contest in the Craigdarroch and also the ever popular Car Treasure Hunt. All gala results have been posted in the window of Watson’s Store.
Friday saw the pet show, five-a-side football and ‘Stars in Mniaive’ talent show in the marquee – a great success
gala 1    Saturday Gala day…. faced with an empty field at 8am was daunting but they came… those who said they’d help build the obstacle course turned up on time and set to work, delivering bales, stabs, machinery, ropes etc etc. Building the water feature, blowing up the giant inflatable ‘human ball’, decorating the stage, building the rope feature, delivering the ‘crazy’ bikes, building the kids obstacle course, setting out the arena, building goals, setting up the PA system, delivery of the stalls, horses, axe throwing and archery. The gala committee really cannot express how grateful we are for all the help we received because without it there really wouldn’t have been a gala.
Thanks to all those who dressed up and made the fantastic decorted hats and floats again this year. I thought the kids fancy dress costumes this year were better and more imaginative than ever and I’m sorry my pictures don’t do them justice. The floats were amazing with an unbelievable amount of work going into making each and every one of them. Led by the Pipe Band and the Queen and Attendant, they all made their way to the Macara Park.
At the park Chairman Duncan Saunderson welcomed everyone and announced the winner of this years ‘Guid Citizen’ Duncan Saunderson. Last years’ Queen Rebecca Frame was unable to attend so John Kilgour who opened the Gala crowned her.
gala 3   In the arena we once again had our obstacle course with a smaller course for ‘wee ones’. These proved to be popular and we were lucky enough to be able to borrow the ‘crazy’ bikes, and various pieces of machinery needed. Fewer adults took part this year but the kids loved it! We may need to remind parents to bring a change of clothes for their kids as  many of them fell in and got wet (although more adults fell in than kids!).
We were able to provide loads of free events this year: horse riding, axe throwing, digger driving, archery, crisps and juice on the stage, the gyroscope, lots of bouncy things, sumo suits and the obstacle courses.
In the tea tent the Green Tea House staff had obviously been up since dawn making filled rolls and cakes. They had a successful gala and raised and donated a chunk of their proceeds to the Gala.
We rounded off the day with  tug of war and the lorry pull. Again children reigned supreme with teams in every event. We’d like to thank all the children who attended and who threw themselves into the events… you made it a great day for us all.
Finally the day ended with the gala dance with ‘The Mass’. This was a great night with no trouble, lots of dancing and a chance for the committee to relax a little.
Sunday saw us move everything back to the Institute, clean up, deliver items back to their rightful owners and then fall in an exhausted heap.

Moniaive Gala Committee

January – New Years Day Ceilidh with traditional ceilidh band and bar.

February – Duck race, watch 1,000 plastic ducks race down the burn and hope yours stays afloat. Followed by teas and soup and prizegiving.

July  – Car Treasure Hunt; Bingo; Moniaive World Cream Cracker Eating Competition.

July – Moniaive Pet Show;  Five-a-side Football; The Generation Game; Family Disco with Yard of Ale Competition.

July – Gala Day with traditional stalls, sideshows, bouncy castles and teas.  Fancy Dress and Floats; Parade; Opening and Crowning of Queen; Sheep shearing including the ‘Shear Off’ & Pipe Band in arena; arena entertainment; Sumo wrestling (audience participation); Penalty Shoot-out; Tug of War Adults & Kids; Lorry Pull; Presentation of Prizes.  Gala Dance with live band and full bar.

November 5th – Bonfire and firework night for the community.

We run other events during the year and provide the bar and staff for other events and galas.

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