Bells of St Ninian’s

Over the winter of 2005 a group of ladies tried out the Handbells and in January 2006 a core group of ladies agreed to form a choir. The cost of purchasing our own Handbells was the first hurdle. To raise our initial funds, a Concert was held in St Ninian’s with Upper Nithsdale Choir and The Stewartry Handbell Tune Ringing Group. We also we supplied teas/coffees for a visiting Car Rally.

At the Moniaive Folk FestivalAt the Moniaive Folk Festival Application for funding through ‘Awards for All’ and our ‘Local Area Committee’ proved successful and in November 2006 all monies were insitu to purchase a set of Schulmeric Enhanced Set of 37 Handbells with cases, cushions, tables and assorted music.

We are a fully constituted group.

Our objectives are:

  • To encourage the art of handbell tune ringing
  • To endeavour to bring handbell tune ringers into contact with each other, to foster the exchange of ideas and to provide a forum for discussion and the practical advancement of the Art

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all who express an interest in handbells. We have a core membership of 12 at the moment.

AGE GROUP: The age group is from 14 years upwards, with the proviso that, Schools, Guides, Brownies, Rock Solid, Jam or any Youth organisation – can arrange to have hands on demonstrations with the proviso that their leaders, teachers (one adult to 4 children under the age of 14) accompany them and at least two members of ‘The Bells of St Ninians’. Our group is ecumenical and non-political.


  • CHAIRPERSON: Kath Bentley Brawglen Dunreggan Moniaive Telephone 01848 200496
  • TREASURER: Frances Dunse Inglis House Moniaive
  • EXPERIENCE: None, if you can count the beats and keep in time you are almost there. However, it does help if you can read music. Our Musical Directors are: Muriel Young and Elna Wilson.
  • MEETING PLACE: St Ninian’s Church Moniaive
  • DAY: Monday evenings
  • TIME: 7.30pm to approximately 9pm
  • SUMMARY: Over the years we have participated in local events, our own Church Special and Family Services/Moniaive Folk Festival/Moniaive has Talent/Penpont Christmas Concert/Kirkmahoe Church/Dumfriesshire Trefoil Guild and Thornhill Christmas Outdoor Market/entertained the Zambian Visiting Group, all with a measure of success.

Anyone wishing to join, please contact Kath Bentley Telephone 01848 200496 – all are welcome