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A number of international visitors to the web page have thrown up a lot of questions re Moniaive and their family roots. Anyone who can help answer any of these questions please email who will try to arrange to have the information posted on the site and/or put you in touch with each other.

Moniaive also has a newly formed History Group who can be contacted on 01848 331704 Robert Martin.

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William Reid, Surgeon 23/4/12

Plane Crash memories? 12/10/11

Mary Grant 12/10/11

William Hunter Robson 1/4/11

Lt. Col. William Tod 11/11/10



WALKER 28/8/09



STEWART 24/2/09
NEILSON 31/1/06
HEWITSON 14/1/06
SEATON 10/10/05
BLACKWOOD 10/10/05
McCUBBIN family history site: 23/8
DUNBAR 11/3/05
FERGUSONS dna project HELP NEEDED 15/2/05
MUNSIE july 03
CAMPBELL June 2003

‘William Reid, Surgeon, Moniaive, 1783-1848’.

I am researching my Reid family roots in Dumfriesshire,  and have visited my great-great-grandfather’s gravestone in Glencairn Churchyard, where he is described as ‘William Reid, Surgeon, Moniaive’.   His wife Mary Hastings,  who died in 1835, is also on the stone, as are several of their children who died young,  and William Reid’s mother, Elspeth Douglas, 1747-1822,  though no mention of Elspeth’s husband/William’s father Samuel Reid,  whose death I cannot trace so far.   I am interested in contact with anyone else who is interested in this family,  but also in establishing what the Moniaive connection was exactly. Was it William’s birthplace only? [I have found him in the 1841 Census living with his family in Kirkton,  in the Parish of Kirkmahoe.] Did he practice surgery there?  What did a ‘surgeon’  of that period actually do? Where might he have  been trained?    Glad to hear from anyone with answers,  or suggestions of where else to look for answers. Euan Reid [<>

Plane Crash memories….

Does anyone have any information or a date on which a plane came down in the meadow in which my Grandfather and another man were mowing at the time with scythes? It tipped over and finished upside down but the pilot was unhurt. My Grandfather came and got me and took me over to see it and the local policeman was on guard. I always remember it was on the left hand side of the road going out of the village. I am thinking the date could be around month of June or July the years 1936 or 1937 not sure.  I must have been about four. I was staying at my Gran and Gramp’s in Moniaive.
Last time I was in Moniaive I went out on the Dalry road but the field it landed in seemed to be drained and turned into an arable field.
My father was a young shepherd at Benbuie before my mum and him got married at Gretna Green. He died in the month of March trying to save lambs in a snow storm at Kirkbean and I was born in April at Benbuie where my Gran and Grampaw were shepherds.
The time I stayed at my Grans. I remember the Coronation celebrations of King George the V in the field beside the house with its tents and flags. I started school at Easter till the summer holidays when we were all marched across the road to a wee shop which sold ice cream and all the children got one but the wee shop is not there now.

Mary Grant

I am trying to find out about Mary Grant born 1947 who lived in moniaive
and went to morton academy. also visited friends at Walaceton (Greta Bell).
I am Neil Johnstone who was born at Woodhouse cottage, wallacton 1947 and
left in 1963. Iwould like to hear from Mary or anyone who Knows her.

William Hunter Robson

I have just discovered that my grandfather William Hunter Robson was born
at Moniaive on 29 August 1891.   He was dead before I was born and I know
very little about him.  His parents were Gideon Robson, a farmer, and Sarah
Hunter, married long before, on 29 January 1875 at Hownam.  Since as far as
I know there is no central registry for genealogy in Scotland, can anyone
help me find out any more than this please?  I have heard that there are
still distant relatives crofting in Dumfries but I know nothing about them.
Many thanks for any help. Email:

Lt. Col. William Tod

I am hoping you can help me trace the relatives of Lt. Col. William Tod who lived in Moniaive before his death in 1969. With the assistance of the regimental museum, I am piecing together the actions of Tod’s battalion along the Ypres-Comines canal in May 1940, and would like to contact his relatives and talk to them about the action and how it affected William.



During the 1950s, I stayed at Hillhead farm with the Hyslops and their son
farmed Gaups Mill farm, at Gaups Mill othere  was a former prisoner of war
Helmut ?<family name unknown> , who introduced me to German. I believe he
never married although he settled on the farm as a farm labourer. Does
anyone ken his real family name?  I know he did not return to East Germany
due to a letter from his sister when under Soviet occupation.


I have been looking at the Moniaive website today and wistfully wondering if anyone out there might be able to help me trace any more ancestral information, please. At present I have the following: Mary McKill [that being hand-written, the K may be a different letter] was born in 1796. It may be that she was the Mary McKill who was christened on 22nd February 1798 at Tynron, about two miles from Moniaive: this Mary was the daughter of William McKill and Janet Grierson. Mary McKill married a Mr. McNaught in the 1820’s and they lived in Cottage Row in Moniaive. They had three daughters, Mary, Janet and Margaret. These girls were ‘handsome queens’, all about six feet tall. Heads turned when, arm-in-arm, they walked down the village street. Mary became Mrs McQueen, Janet became Mrs Thomson, and Margaret became Mrs William Hutton. Margaret was married in Moniaive on Friday 14th November 1862 and the ceremony was conducted by the Reverend Patrick Borrowman, perhaps in the Parish Church of Glencairn where the banns were called. Margaret McNaught was born 23rd January 1833 and died 20 years after her husband on 10th August 1922, aged 89. If anyone can identify Mr. McNaught, Mary McKill, or their ancestors then I should be truly grateful. Could he possibly be related to the John McNaught who is mentioned in the ‘Drugs for Sale’ historical article on the Moniaive website, as below?  “Another surgeon and druggist, John McNaught, set up in business in 1801 ‘at the foot of the Friar’s Vennel’ in Dumfries. Here ‘All Medicinal Compositions, and Physicians prescriptions, prepared by himself with care and exactness’ were punctually executed.” I hope that you will think the above snippet is worthy of inclusion/response.


Here are the inscriptions for your ref.  I think you will find all the names the people were enquiring about. DGFHS do not undertake to do research, they are a facility for members to share their interests.  A newsletter is produced three times a year and members can put their interests in to share with others.  All this info can be found on the web site. Family History


I am trying to trace my family tree and know that I was related somehow to Col Sir George G Walker of Crawfordton. I think that he was my great grandfather, but I cannot find the link between him and my grandfather John Cecil Walker (also of Crawfordton) – but who died sometime in the 1940’s. I have a photo of Col Sir George in my attic. It is quite a large picture and used to scare me witless as a child as it hung at the top of my grandmothers staircase when she lived in Southport.
I never knew my grandfather (John Cecil Walker) as he died sometime in the 1930’s – 40’s era and I remember my grandmother telling me that his ashes were scattered over Southport beach. He was on the HMS Conway from 1922 -1924,  and he came from Crawfordton, but I’m afraid not much else, so I would be really grateful for any information that you could send to me.
Although I am 46 now, I do remember staying as a child at a large house in Moniaive or that area and think I remember a name of Bob (but of course I may be wrong). I have no older generation left within my family to ask, but always thought that Col George was my grandfathers grandfather. However, my brother seems to think he was my grandfathers great uncle.
I have found out some details of Col Georges wife and parents, but am still trying to find the link back to my grandfather. Any information would be great.

I noted your interest in Col.Sir George Walker,  Crawfordton.  Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society have recently published the Glencairn Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions.  There are references to Col Sir George Walker  564 – 567.  This booklet is available from DGFHS at a cost of £4 + P&P. Website:  Details of all their publications and postage rates are available.


Hello, I am researching my family tree and scottish history and find that my Uncle (Dennis Tochrane) was born at an Appin Lodge in Tynron in 1937. Is it possible you have any information on Appin Lodge i.e. was it a family
home, mother and baby home etc? My Uncles father (Thomas Tochrane) was an insurance broker in Edinburgh at the time and I am trying to understand why his son was born in Tynron. If you can help with this or put me in touch with a local historian, I would be very very grateful.
kind regards Jayne Hatton


My very dear friend and teacher had a cottage in Moniaive and when she retired from teaching she returned to her home. I visited just once shortly before Miss Torrence/Mrs Gray died. Miss Torrence was my inspiration and I would love to know if her niece or family is still alive and living in Moniaive. I have been living in Canada for the last 33 years and for the first time since 1972 am returning to Scotland. I am planning on coming to Moniaive to
visit Miss Torrence one last time and if her family are still living in the village I would love to make contact. If you could assist me in telling where she may be buried or in any other way I would be most grateful. Miss Torrence was a key person in my life and without her I would not have become the person I am today. When ever I cook she is in the kitchen with me even after all this time.Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Regards Anne Huffman


My husbands grandmother was bornin Moniaive in 1881 and I am searching for information on her parents. I am looking for any information on a Mary Stewart who was born in Moniavie on 7 June 1881 – or possibly 6 July 1881 (date was written down on a small piece of paper).  Not sure if British date or American.  Thank you. Heather Wallace


I am typing up some letters I have of my grandfathers holiday visits from Edinburgh to his relations in Moniaive when he was a young boy between from 1880s to 1903. I find them fascinating as he describes arriving by pony and cart and who had the shops and who lived in the big houses and the farming and hay making etc. If you would be interested I can send them to you. I am not sure which nymber Ayr St they were at but it may come out in the letters. He was visiting Mortons and Turnbulls. I have some information on this bit of the family. Among the name s that come up are Ann Turnbull died Ayr St 15th feb 1892, Agnes Turnbull died Ayr St 23 Jan 1920 aged 80. , Isabella And Elizabeth Turnbull and Joan McCheyne all of Ayr Street. If anyone is researching Turnbulls or Mortons I can give detils of the ones I have data on. The Turnbulls had come from Tynron . Lots more if requested!

I hope to come and visit Moniaive this Easter or Summer to see the places he has so vividly written about.

Stella Smith

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I have been looking for information on my Grandfather’s Army career ‘Richard ‘Dick’ Shrive’ in the Ist World War and was checking out some names from his battery diary written by Major W F Christian RGA. William B Neilson was one of these and I found the Moniaive Memorial site where I was able to get information on John and Thomas Neilson. I then found the Glencairn Gazette website with some further information on the Neilson family that seem to be relevant. I thought that you might like to have the information for your newsletter of the extracts that I have made from the 91st Siege Battery Diary.

So far I have been unable to find out what happened to William after the war but I believed he survived it as I found his card among my grandfather’s papers. I should like to know more about him as, by all accounts, he was a popular and highly respected officer.

91 Siege Battery RGA extracts that refer to Lieut Neilson.

Neilson W B Lieut. 15 1201 – POSTED IN during 1st week (of Battery formation at Portsmouth)

16 0810 – for 19TH H.A. Group at signalling officer.

16 1026 – returned 16 1026 – 16 1231 – rejoined battery (where had he been?)

17 0215 – battery withdrawn from line, proceeded with Major Christian to Drucat nr Abbeville for rest

17 0321 – with left section and Major Christian proceeded to Arras

17 0513 – with right section when it pulled out to Mareuil en route to 2nd Army area with Major Christian & Lieut. Coursey.

17 0621 – went on leave 17 0730 – to the great regret of all, POSTED as second in command of 203 Siege Battery.

William Bartrum Neilson, Marlienbank, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire [card info] Possibly these were his brothers killed in the Dardenelles see [Moniaive, Dumfriesshire Memorial web site]

1915 0713 NEILSON, John Private 1154, 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Killed in action in the Dradanelles 13th July 1915. Born Glencairn, enlisted Moniaive. No known grave. Commemorated on HELLES MEMORIAL, Turkey. Panel 84 to 92 or 220 to 222.

1917 0507 NEILSON, Thomas [Listed as Private on memorial] Sergeant 1156, 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Killed in action in the Dardanelles 7th May 1917. Aged 26. Born Glencairn, enlisted Moniaive. Son of Thomas and Margaret Bertram Neilson of Montaive, Dumfriesshire. No known grave. Commemorated on HELLES MEMORIAL, Turkey. Panel 84 to 92 or 220 to 222.

If anyone can help me with further information, such as to William’s life and location after the war I would be delighted to hear from them. I have already made a contact. Apparently William died in 1948 some time in Scotland. I have sent off to the Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich for more information.

Following extract comes from the 91st Siege battery story by Major Christian and shows that W B Neilson was with the battery from its start in December 1915. The number 91st Siege Battery is an Indian Army (British) number and was retained on transfer from India in preparation for war in Europe.

1913 May 5. William Francis Christian held the rank of captain from May 5 to his appointment with the temp rank of Major in charge of the 91st Siege Battery on 7 December 1915 (in his diary he states that he was temporary Major from 1 Dec 1915?)

On December 1st, 1915, I joined at Plymouth with the temp. rank of Major, and orders to form 91st Siege Battery. Officers were to be posted by W.O., the N.C.O’s to be regulars posted from Bexhill, and the men to be posted from R.G.A. Plymouth. During the first week the following joined: Capt. Leslie Smith, and Lieut. C.H. Scholefield, Lieut. W.B. Neilson, 2nd Lieut. B.C. Thompson, and 2nd Lieut. R. Shrive (2nd Lieut. Shrive and myself were still with the battery at the end of the War.) I was allowed to do a little picking and choosing to get suitable men, and anxious work it was finding enough talent to supply the large number of necessary specialists. Finally a good team of Kitchener men was decided upon and so the Battery was born. They were all volunteers, and eagerly embraced the opportunity of ‘having a dip at the Huns’. Some men applied for their brothers or chums to be allowed to join. There was no war weariness those days and everyone entered into the game with heart and soul. Very soon the spirit of 91 became evident, we all felt it, though seldom spoke of it, and it carried us right through to the sweet end. It is remarkable that a newly formed unit could develop spontaneously such a fine esprit; it was very real and very compelling, fostered by mutual trust, and a feeling that we were capable of doing big things. Every Officer, N.C.O. and man was proud to belong to the Battery, it will always be our proudest boast we were smart on parade, smart when we walked out, good at games and tried hard to learn our job and do it. Major W F Christian, Tynemouth, 1920.

Notes on 91st Siege Battery’s number origins. It seems that the 91st was originally an Indian Army Battery and retained its number on transfer to Britain: 38th Brigade RFA-24/Meerut, 34/Campbellpore, 72/Meerut. 90 Heavy Battery, Campbellpore. 91 Siege Battery RGA, Rurkee.

I have a photograph of the 91st at Lydd in 1916 with W B Neilson along with the other officers (total of 6 in the photograph). They are in the second row. I do not know yet which officers are which so if you get any photographs perhaps you may in time identify WB Neilson. The officer commanding is clearly Major WF Christian and the one 2nd to the right of him is Richard Shrive (he did not relax when having his photograph taken and it shows). The Shetland pony is ‘Teddy’ the battery mascot but the dog was probably Christian’s. If anyone recognises William in the photograph perhaps you could let me know.

Mike Reeve, North Yorkshire Email: reeve.mjr@google.mail

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I was pleased to find “Moniaive Family Connections” on line especially as I plan to visit in April to the home town of my great grandfather Alexander McQueen who emigrated from Moniaive to Australia in 1866.

I am researching the McQueen family history and wonder if anyone can assist me in my search for an elusive branch. The earliest ancestor found to date is William McQueen born 1780. He married Margaret Fergusson. Their son James had an illegitimate son Alexander with Margaret Morton in 1843. James Married Elizabeth Boyes and Margaret married Thomas Neilson.

Alexander married Mary Ann Hannah in 1866 and they emigrated to Australia. The only information I have of Mary Ann Hannah is that she was born in Dumfries in about 1846 and her mother’s name was Ann Hannah. I have had no success searching the available web resources for information about her. I would very much like to hear from anyone with information about her and her family.

The history I have gathered regarding the McQueen family and some of their joining families is quite extensive and it would be a great pleasure to hear from anyone else researching the same.

Jennifer Brisk email:

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Hewitson Family

I am researching the family of William Mitchell born 7 May 1847 Blairoch, Parish of Glencairn, Dumfries, the natural son of Thomas Mitchell and Agnes Hewetson.

In the 1851 Census record for Carronbridge, Parish of Morton, William was living with his grandmother, Margaret Hewitson (nee Symington), head of household, widow, grocer, age 45; his mother, Agnes Hewitson, unmarried, grocer, age 20; and his cousins Margaret Hewitson, scholar, age 12; James Hewitson, scholar, age 11; Jessie Hewitson, scholar, age 8, born Glencairn. William’s name is recorded as William Hewitson.

Margaret Hewitson’s other children were: John Brown Hewitson b 1831 who was living in Manchester in 1851. In 1880 he was a silk mercer in Glencairn; Thomas Hewitson b 1832 who was living in Chatham in 1851; and Jane Hewitson b 1833.

William arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand on the ship Chileâ in 1865 and embarked in the hard, rough life of a pioneer working in the Geraldine/Winchester area (South Canterbury area) as a sawyer. He married Amelia Annie Herring on 5 June 1866 at the Clarenden Hotel, Waihi Crossing, Geraldine.

I am trying to establish who was living at Blairoch in 1847. I am also interested in finding any Hewitson/Hewetson descendants of the above family still living in the Glencairn Parish/Morton Parish areas.

David Nelson Email:

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Have just read the fascinating story of his first ride in a motor car. His father was my great, great, great grandfather’s brother. My gg grandfather moved to Brecon in Wales circa 1850 and that side of the family has been resident in Wales since then. I have a full family history of them if anyone is interested.

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I would be interested to find out if anyone knows anything about my rellies.My great great grandfather William McMichael was born at Crogo Balmacellan in1801 and married Elizabeth McAdam in 1831 in Moniaive. They are both buried in the Glencairn churchyard. They had six children all born at Duchrae Dalry. My great grandfather was born there in 1836.He was James McMichael. He married Sarah McFarlane who was born at Craigneston Glencairn in 1850. Sarah McFarlane’s father had at least six daughters, and he was from Pointfoot farm. I note that Craigneston, Pointfoot and Duchrae are all next to each other on the road to Dalry.Sarah and James had 10 children, all born on farms, as James was a shepherd. The first, Maggie McMichael was born at Pointfoot. Sarah McFarlane and James McMichael are both buried in Glencairn church yard.My grandfather was John Mc Michael and was born in 1890 at Callside. He was a groom later a chauffer and work in big houses around Dumfriesshire and Galloway. My grandmother was Mary King. She came from New Abbey and Templand Lochmaben. However she worked at Woodlea House before the first world war. Mary had a cousin, I believe called Sam Brown, who had been in the KOSB and had transfered to the Tank division. He was meant to have died of his wounds and his funeral went through the streets of Moniaive on Victory day with all the flags flying. If anyone had anything on any of these folks I would be grateful.

My e-mail is Ian Mc Michael

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My Grandfather William Blackwood left Glencairn for America in 1741. His father is named Charles Blackwood and mother Agnes Hunter married in 1678. It is said that they are from Glencairn Dunfine Scotland (itâs the best we can read). I found your newspaper during an internet search from Charleston SC.
Thom Harrison
Charleston, SC USA

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Based in Dumfries we have done extensive research on McCubbin families in this area and have helped many other ‘cubbies’ to find their roots. Not a commercial venture.

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I should like to make an enquiry regarding my grandfather and other relations, in connection with Robert Burns and Glencairn. My great-grandfather, William Brown, is recorded in the Glencairn Parish Register as having been born on the 8th May, 1813; his parents were Thomas Brown and Margaret Aitken (Cropford). William Brown subsequently emigrated To England, where he married Amelia Morris in Manchester. My grandfather, John Morris Brown, was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, on the 29th October, 1841.

It is interesting that although born in England, he became president of the Leicester Burns Federation No. 461, in 1876, (later the Leicester Caledonian Society in 1877).My guess is that he maintained familiarity with works of Burns by a series of summer holiday visits to Colvend, in the 1870’s and1880’s, staying, I understand, at Barcloy Mill. Anyone able to help me with my speculations concerning this connection of Glencairn and Burns through my family?

Richard Keith Sprigg

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Hi, I’m trying to research my family tree along the Forsyth line. I have info that a William Forsyth married a Jane/Jean Todd in the Glencairn area approx 1834. I would be grateful if you post this info
on your website with me email address as a contacte. With thanks Natalie Rutherford, england

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I wonder if anyone can help me with some information I need. Around 1914, a school was established at Amarapura, Mandalay, Burma, (now Myanmar) to encourage and teach silk and cotton weaving in Upper Burma, it then being in noticeable decline. As a member of the Indian Civil Service, Leslie Harry Saunders (LHS), gave considerable support to the development of the school and today it still carries his name as The Saunders Weaving Institute. (During the second World War following the destruction of Mandalay and its capture by the Japanese, the school became a Japanese Hospital.

LHS arrived in Rangoon in November 1889, having spent 2 years at Wadham College Oxford, after schooling at Dulwich College. On the 9th June 1909 at the age of 40, he was married at Henzada, Burma, to Violet Dora Connell, ( 31) daughter of the late James Walter Ferrier Connell, of Auchencheyne, Glencairn, Dumfrieshire. (JWFC died 1906) Her mother was Dora Jane Connell, and she died on 23.10.1897 leaving a relatively young family: Daisy Juliet, (b2.4.1882) Cecil Montague (29.9.1883) Percy Gordon (06.02.1885) and James Charles alter (b.11.3.1887)

Leslie and Violet had 5 children: Jean Dora Edith (b.27.6.1910) who died at Reigate Surrey 12.5.1988, Mary Violet (b.12.2.1912), twin sons, Charles Andrew Leslie and Robert Gordon Leonard, (b.6.11.1916) and a third daughter, Dorothea Finisterre, whose birth I have been unable to trace in the Bengali Records or at the Family Centre.

LHS died on the Isle of Wight, 30.12.26 having retired as Judicial Commissioner, Mandalay, in 1923. V D S died at the same address, THe Rafters, Totland on 10.5.1932.

Dorothea Finisterre Saunders at the age of 33 was married to a Nicholas William Turner (aged 42) at St Barnabas Kensington London on 05.04.48. He was prev. known as Klaus Wolff. One of the witnesses is/was a C Connell. This suggests the Connells kept in touch with the Saunders.

Was DFS born in Scotland? When did Dora and the children return to UK..before 1923? How did DVC meet LHS in Rangoon… I found a J Connell practising as a lawyer in Rangoon in 1909, but he was not a witness on their marriage certificate.

The last address I have for DF Turner is 23 West Marden, Chichester; NWT died on 27.2 .1986.

About 3 years ago a friend of one of the sons of LHS, visted Mandalay. Becuase of langauge difficulties no questions were asked by the staff at the Institute about Saunders. When I was asked to carry out this research, I had nothing but his surname and his profession. The Institute has very little info and particularly nothing personal relating to Saunders. Through the India Office at the British Library and the Times etc. I have found out a lot of background, and need to go to the Isle of Wight to go through the Newspapers for 1923 to 1932. From Wadham I learnt that LHS helped towards the Burma Exhibition in 1924/25 at the British Empire Exhibition Wembley). Saunders is such a common name that so far I have not found any descendants living I am therefore very hopeful that it may be possible to trace someone from the Connell Family which may lead to the Saunders.

Thank you for your interest.
Michael B Forrest, 12 Riley Road
Brighton BN2 4 AH
Tel: 01273 690 231

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I do not know if I am correct with the location but here is my question. Around 1993 (early fall) I was visiting the area and remember staying at the George Hotel the proprietor at the time was a gentlemen name John Dunbar and his wife (who’s name escapes me) I was wondering if they are still there? The e-mail address does not work for the hotel if you could forward that to me or if you have any information I would be grateful?
Louis Barron

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Hi, greeting from Australia.
I am hoping you can help me with the name and address of the current owners of Caitloch House. My ancestors the Fergussons lived there many many years ago and I would love to get in touch with the family regarding the ancient history of the home and is owners.
Thank you in advance, I love Moniave having been there several times to visit Dalwhat Farm. But time did not allow for me to get data on Caitloch, I hope you can help me or pass on my address.

Sally Shine
P.O. Box 276, Moe 3825, Victoria, Australia

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I represent the FERGUSON DNA Project. We are a group of some 30 researchers trying to discover more of our ancestry via analysis of our DNA. We hope that you might publish this letter to help us find a living male FERGUSSON who can document a descent from the Fergussons of Craigdarroch. We would like to offer that person the opportunity to join our project at no cost.

Said person can rest assured that the DNA testing being done has no forensic or medical value. It will not reveal any genetic defects, diseases or uniquely identify you as an individual. The collection process is simple and painless. One simply rubs a swab on the inside of the cheek – its as easy as brushing your teeth.

We have a website, which describes our project and research in more detail:

Thank you,
Colin Ferguson
29430 kit Carson Ct.
Coarsegold, CA, USA 93614

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I am a member of the Gallipoli Association. For the past 20 years, I have been compiling a biographical register of all 42,000+ British and Dominion servicemen who died at, and as a result of, the campaign. So far I have also proven 18 Gallipoli deaths and 2 burials to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. At the present time, I am also writing a book about Gallipoli, which will focus on those who died in, or after, the campaign.

I was perusing your webpage, in pursuit of information about men from your area who were killed at Gallipoli. One in particular interests me, but he is not mentioned by you (unless I missed him). Here’s what I have on him so far:

HOME, 2nd Lieutenant James Original, 4th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force Born in April 1884 in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, a son of George and Elizabeth Geddis Home of Newmill-on-Teviot, Hawick. He was unmarried. In civil life he was employed as a gamekeeper in Scotland (before enlisting in the British Army ) and as a police constable (ordinary constable) in Coonamble, N.S.W., for 6 months. A biography of 2nd Lieutenant
Home in the Orange Leader of June 3, 1915, described him as a strict constable. On November 25, 1904, at the age of 20 years 7 months, he enlisted as a private (No.9565) in Princess Louiseâs (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders). At the time of his enlistment he was described as being 6â 1 tall and weighing 169 lbs. with fresh complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair (after 6 months service, his weight was changed to 182 lbs. and it was noted that he had scars in the corner of his right eye, on his left forefinger and on the back of his head).

He was posted to the regimental depot on December 2, 1904, and to the 1st Battalion on April 15, 1905. On August 5, 1905, he was promoted to lance corporal and on October 16, 1908, he was promoted to corporal; to lance sergeant on September 7, 1909. During his term in the army he served in Great Britain from November 25, 1904, to September 14, 1909; on Malta from September 15, 1909, to January 11, 1910; and again in Great Britain from January 12, 1910, until his discharge. He received a good conduct chevron on November 25, 1906,
and was discharged from the army at his own request on November 1, 1911 (for which he had to pay £25). On December 15, 1904, he was granted a 3rd Class Certificate Education; a 2nd Class Certificate on February 13, 1905; and a Group II 1st Class Certificate on March 22, 1910. He enlisted as a private (No.245) in ãFä Company, 4th Battalion, A.I.F., on August 18, 1914, and on October 19 he was promoted to colour sergeant of ãHä Company. He was appointed company sergeant major of ãCä Company on January 1, 1915, and 2nd lieutenant on May 1, 1915. Died of wounds in Alexandria, Egypt, on May 13, 1915, aged 31 years. Buried Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria. Name commemorated on a memorial plaque in St. Barnabasâ Church in Coonamble, N.S.W. For some time, I have been trying to locate a photo of this man, or to contact his descendents.
Any ideas?

Also, is there a war memorial listing the men from Thornhill, etc., who were killed during the war? You mentioned some men killed at Gallipoli, fighting with the 1/5th Battalion (T.F.) The King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Here’s what I have on them so far. First, though, please note that James Henderson, No.1152, was NOT killed at Gallipoli. He survived the war and was demobilized on January 20, 1919.

McFEGAN, Lance Corporal William No.1150 1/5th (Dumfries and Galloway) Battalion (T.F.) Lance Corporal McFegan was born in Glencairn, Dumfriesshire, and enlisted in Moniaive, Dumfries. Killed in action in the attack on the Turkish trenches E10, E11 and E12, east of Achi Baba Nullah, Helles, on July 12, 1915. Name commemorated on the Helles Memorial.

NEILSON, Private John No.1154 1/5th (Dumfries and Galloway) Battalion (T.F.) Private Neilson was born in Glencairn, Dumfriesshire, and enlisted in Moniaive, Dumfries. Killed in action during the defense of the Turkish trench E11, east of Achi Baba Nullah, Helles, on July 13, 1915. Name commemorated on the Helles Memorial.

NEILSON, Sergeant Thomas (WAS HE JOHN’S BROTHER?) No.1156 1/5th (Dumfries and Galloway) Battalion (T.F.) Born in Glencairn, Dumfriesshire, and enlisted in Moniaive, Dumfries, the son of Thomas and Margaret Bertram Neilson of Moniaive. Killed in action near Achi Baba Nullah, Helles, on July 7, 1915, aged 26 years.
Name commemorated on the Helles Memorial.

TODD, Private Henry No.1498 1/5th (Dumfries and Galloway) Battalion (T.F.) Private Todd was born and enlisted in Moniaive, Dumfriesshire. Killed in action in the attack on the Turkish trenches E10, E11 and E12, east of Achi Baba Nullah, Helles, on July 12, 1915. Name commemorated on the Helles Memorial. Please note that you noted Todd’s service number as 1408.

I am writing a chapter about the battle in which these men fell. It was a story like that in the movie “All The King’s Men,” which you might have seen. Many more men disappeared in this battle than they did in the one (very badly) portrayed in the movie, but none of them were employees of the Royal Estate, which is why no such enquiry was ever initiated. In this instance, the brigade to which the 1/5th KOSB belonged were assaulting three Turkish trenches. The first two were taken, but the third turned out to be either a natural depression, or the beginnings of a trench, which was seen in aerial photos, but could not be seen by the troops on the ground. So, many men charged off in search of this non-existent trench – E12 on the British maps – and were never seen again.

Would you happen to have any more info on any of these men, or be able to guide me? I live in Eugene, Oregon, in the northwestern U.S., so your local sources are not available to me.If I can be of any help to you with lads from surrounding areas who died at Gallipoli, please do let me know. I am happy to help

Patrick Gariepy
Eugene, Oregon, USA EMAIL:

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I am looking for any information on my ancestors, some of whom lived in the Moniaive area over the past 200 years at least.

I began researching my Family History about 8 months ago and have established the existence of many ancestors in Moniaive and also in the Thornhill area. I was already aware of the connection to Moniaive as up until about 35 years ago I used to regularly visit the village to visit my father’s aunts and other relatives. As a boy growing up just outside Glasgow one of my most vivid memories of visiting was that there was a football pitch on the road into the village which had a football nets in the goals (a rare treat since Glasgow never had anything of the sort!). The only downfall if I remember correctly was that while we kicked a ball around we had to dodge around the sheep who often grazed on the pitch.

The family names from the area were mainly McMichael and Maitland. My grandmother was Mary McMichael whose father was Samuel McMichael, the village plumber in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Samuel’s wife was Mary Maitland, daughter of William Maitland and Agnes Lorimer. My grandmother worked as a domestic servant for a time at Maxwellton House before her marriage, as I have discovered from the 1901 census returns. The family lived in North Street which I believe is where Samuel’s workshop was. Other members of my family lived in Ayr Street while the early generations appear to have come from the Dunreggan area.

The McMichael family originated from the Kirkcudbright area, although Samuel’s father (Joseph) was a Master Blacksmith at Greenhead near Thornhill from about 1856 through to his death in 1888.

I have traced the Maitland family back a further generation in Moniaive (to be more precise Dunreggan). The parents of William Maitland being John Maitland and Janet Thomson both born in the 1780s. John and Janet were also the grandparents of John Corrie (John’s father Thomas Corrie married Janet Maitland, daughter of John and Janet) after whom, I noticed from a recent trip to Moniaive, the Wildlife Gardens have been named in recognition of his services to local wildlife and literature.

I am very keen to establish any further information about the McMichael/Maitland/Lorimer/Thomson families in particular if anyone knows of any photographs of Moniaive at the time when they lived in which they might appear. Obviously I’m not expecting anyone to send of these photographs to me but on my next visit to the village it would be great if I could view them or any other material which anyone has available.

I have obtained almost all of the information on my Family Tree from the website of the General Records Office of Scotland ( If anyone has any information about alternative sources where I may find information about persons from the Moniaive area, I would be very grateful for any help which could be provided.

The list of persons who lived in Moniaive from whom I am directly descended therefore is :

Mary McMichael (grandmother) born 1881 at Thornhill, lived in Moniaive from about the age of 4 until she married in 1906. She died in Glasgow in 1956.

Samuel McMichael (great, grandfather) born 1849 at Kelton, Kirkcudbright. Lived in Moniaive between about 1885 and his death in 1933.

Mary Maitland/Michael (great, grandmother) born 1851 at Moniaive. Died 1885 at Moniaive. After her death Samuel married Annie Johnston from Dunscore in 1888.

William Maitland (great, great grandfather) born 1821 at Moniaive. Died 1896 at Moniaive.

Agnes Lorimer/Maitland (great, great grandmother) born 1816 at Thornhill. Died 1874 at Moniaive.

John Maitland (great, great, great grandfather) born 1780 approx.

Janet Thomson/Maitland (great, great, great grandmother) born 1783. Died 1858 at Moniaive. Her father and mother were David Thomson and Janet Dunbar but I am not sure if they were from the Moniaive area or not.

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Above is a 1654 map of Nithsdale extracted from J. Bleau’s map on www. Well worth a look for those studying genealogy in the area. Moniaive doesn’t seem to appear until they built a road through there in the 1700s when it was called Minihive and became a centre. In his dissertation of the Shankland/Grierson names Ron Shankland ( postulates that the name Shankland originates from Shank west of Skelston, Dunscore. I find this highly speculative and if there is to be a connection it would be via Shancastle as it existed around the mid 1600s. I have received a branch of the family tree from Anne Shankland at the one name group – so far she has gone back to 1775 and the family are around Kilmarnock and Ayr. The findings that Shankland’s are mainly presbyterian doesn’t suggest a family connection to the Griersons as Ron Shankland suggests in his dissertation. In fact it would suggest that the Shanklands were either implicated in the skirmish or were covering up for the covenanters. They were helping to build Drumlanrig Castle at the time and their homesteads, mentioned in the article, are all in and around the Shancastle area.

Does anyone know any history regarding either Shancastle Dodd, Shancastle, Shan Castle as was, or Shanklands in the area, has anyone any further information about Shankcastle, Shank, Shankland locals or covenanters in the area that would give leads as to the origins of the name? How would locals have been split at the time? I know there are some martyr’s tombs in the area. Is Glencairn Episcopal and would the locals have gone to church there or is there a big history of covenanter gatherings? If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

Thanking you in advance for any help in the matter and you’ll maybe see me around the area on my bike or graveyard mooching in the near future. The latter is quite sad but the graveyards around your way are visually stunning.
Simon Grundy

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MUNSIE – 24/7/03

Hi from Australia. If anyone is looking for info on the above family I would be pleased to help if possible. My mail address is 2 Stringer St.Nambucca Heads..N.S.W. 2448 Australia.
Terry Munsie

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I am seeking information about Rev James Campbell, who transferred to the parish of Glencairn in the Presbytery of Penpont on 15th May 1922, thence to Durisdeer 5th June 1930, retired 1953. Also his son William Craigie Drysdale Campbell born 1917, a foreign missionary.

Barry Cahill
Trustee and Congregational Archivist
The Presbytarian Church of Saint David
Public Archives
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, Novia Scotia B3H 1W4, Canada
Barry – I have emailed information received from our local minister to you – Sue

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Whilst visiting my mother in June I noticed the article in the Glencairn Gazette about the statistical Accounts. Anyone interested in the history of the village might like to know that the 1795 and 1845 editions are available online free of charge at Sadly the 1955 edition is only available in the printed version. Some people may be interested in the 1845 pages for Ruthwell. Apart from founding the Trustee Savings Bank there in 1810, the redoubtable Henry Duncan also managed to curb the excessive drinking that went on after funerals. This was quite a feature of Scottish life at that time. In the last two pages he explained how he managed to achive this.
Colin Saunderson

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I was very interested to see items referring to Fergussons of Craigdarroch. The information handed down in my family was that we were descended from these Fergussons and Annie Laurie. I have always been interested in learning more about them. Many years ago I managed to trace the family back in a direct maternal line to an Alicia Orr of Dumfries (who married John Britain 1800-1820) she was supposed to have had a grandfather who was one of the Craigdarroch Fergussons. I would be grateful if anyone can furnish me with any leads that would allow me to research further
Judith Thompson (Rome)

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I am researching Robert Maxwell born in Moniaive in 1817, his parents are John and Mary, nee McMarin. I can’t find any information on the McMarin name, does it exist or could it be an error on the records? Robert Maxwell was a corn and seed merchant and married in Yorkshire in about 1840. I have since found out that John Maxwell, father of Robert 1817 was a weaver and had six other children, Isabel 1808, James 1810, Margaret 1813, Agnes 1815, Andrew 1819 and John 1823, all born in Moniaive.

Regarding the name McMarin – Robert Maxwell had a son called Robert Morran Maxwell and so I wonder if McMarin could in fact have been McMorran.
Hope there is someone who can help.
Judith Burrows, Toronto, Canada

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I am looking for James Paterson who married Jean Todd (Wallaceton, Glencairn). They had two daughters mary and Agnes. Mary married Thomas McCrorie in 1829. Any help would be appreciated.
Elaine McCrorie
Regina, Sask. canada.

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My name is Gillian Smith and I live at Ochr Y Bryn, Llanbedr Hall Drive,Llanbedr Dc, Rhuthin, Denbs, LL151YD. I am trying to trace Scottish ancestors from theGlencairn area My2xtimes Great Grandparents David Todd and Mary Calvert were married at New Abbey in 1851 and then moved to Liverpool. The information I have is as follows:

John Todd b.1808 toJohn Todd and Isabel McNaught of Glencairn married Jean Morrine, their son John Todd b.23May, Glencairn. 1828 married Mary Calvert b.1827 daughter of Thomas Calvert & Grace Hope Dalton. Their
first child Davina was born New Abbey 1850 and my Gt Granmother Ellen Todd 1851. The family moved to Rain Hill and then Mossley Hill where David worked as a coachman they wre still there on the 1901 census and I remember my Grandfather Ellens youngest child talking of them. Ellen married Thomas Maben Taylor in 1872. The Mabens once lived in Kirkudbrightshire. Other family names from the area are Hope,Johnston, Grierson, Mc Naught, Elliot. I would love to contact anyone who may remember these families. Your help would be much appreciated.

Regards Gill Smith

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Libby Shade says she looked up the Grierson/grier family tree on the internet and they originated from Kirkudbrightshire.

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Hello from Canada! I’m just wondering if anyone out there is also researching or has any knowledge of my
ancestors. Way back in 1984, I spent the summer working in Scotland (after emigrating to Canada in 1967) & visited a very old cemetery in Moniave. I was looking for James Mathison & his wife, Mary Forsyth, whom I believe are my ggggrandparents. Their son, also James Mathison, married Mary Laidlaw & they had several children born around the 1860s in Glencairn: Jane, William, James, Margaret. Jane married Angus Fletcher & they lived in Argyllshire. Is anyone connected to these people? Thank you so much!

Mary (Fletcher) Harris

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I have misplaced a number of things. I am wondering if you were the source of a few paragraphs on the witches McGhie who put a spell on a man’s pig in the 1600’s, judged by the Laird of Craigdarroch. I am looking for that story. Can you help ? Dean Sandeman

If anyone has any information please email and I’ll put you in touch with Mr Sandeman

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Thank you for this opportunity. My Moniaive ancestors were Margaret Fergusson (born 1832), married Hugh Gallochar from Kilmarnock in Moniaive in 1854.

She died in 1905 in New Cumnock. Her father was Alexander Fergusson b. 1794, m. c.1824 and died 1862 all in Moniaive. Her mother was Isabella Wilson b. 1790 and died 1862 in Moniaive. Alexander’s parents were James Fergusson and Margaret Moffatt. Isabella Wilson’s parents were Thomas Wilson and Annie Henderson. We visited Glencairn a few years ago and want to come back. I knew very little about my Fergusson ancestors when we visited Moniaive in 1994. I would be delighted if you posted my information in the Glencairn Gazette. I have been able to gather information on Margaret Fergusson and her parents Alexander Fergusson and Isabella Wilson but I am having troubles with the next generation.

I know that James Fergusson died before 1862 in Moniaive and his wife Margaret Moffatt died before 1841 in Moniaive. I have no information on Thomas Wilson and his wife Annie Henderson.The Fergussons seemed to have lived at “Cottage Row”, Moniaive for a number of years and one of the Fergussons died at “Dam House”, Moniaive. Are these addresses still identifiable? Thank you in advance for any assistance in expanding my family tree.

My mailing address is; Bedford Bates, 8375 Lochside Drive, Saanichton, B.C., V8M 1T9 Canada. Email:

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Thanks to Trudie Thompson I have found your wonderful Moniaive site! Thank you very much for making it available for posting of geneology queries! Here’s a message I would like to post. Seeking information on the HAINING/HAINEY/HANNING etc. surname in the general area of Glencairn, Durrisdeer, Penpont, Tynron, Sanquhar. To try and find a Haining family who emigrated to Five Islands, Colchester Co, Nova Scotia in April of 1817 with a James/John Graham and family, I have begun a one name HAINING study, with particular emphasis on the Hainings of the Laight farm, near Knockelly, as well as Balaggan. I believe that John Hanning who emigrated with wife Jane [Johnston?] descends from John Hening and Mary Hunter who are buried in Penpont cemetery, but I cannot find the one generation to tie the families together. This is our family, as well as the Graham family who they travelled with: John HAINING b ca 1778, wife Jane JOHNSTON b ca 1778 (her obit in NS says “native of Penpont parish”) children, all born in Scotland: Mary b 15 Jul 1800, Margaret b ca 1809, Janet b ca 1802, John b ca 1805 (his obit says “born of Covenanting Stock on Covenanting ground), and Jane, birth date unknown. James/John Graham b ca 1781 wife Isabella MUNCEY b ca1786 children, all born in Scotland: Janet b 11 Jul 1807, John (b 28 Jun 1809, Susanna b 2 Jun 1811, James Graham b 15 Aug 1813. Thomas Graham b 2 Oct 1815. There is evidence passed down in the Graham family that James and Isabel came from Sanquhar to Knockelly, Morton (?) parish before coming to Nova Scotia. Would like to find record of the births of the 5 Haining children, and the parents of John and Jane [Johnston] Haining. Would also be interested in making contact with Terry Munsie. Judi Graham PO Box 94 Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 5B6 email:

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I’m researching my family and found that my great grandfather was Andrew Douglas, a blacksmith. I know there was an Andrew Douglas who was a blacksmith in Glencairn at this time, but what I want to ask is,in the mid 1800’s would he have been a blacksmith in Moniave.

By the way, I have been told that the smithy in Glencairn is still there, although nowadays used as a pottery showroom or somesuch. If this is so, could some kind person possibly take a photo and send me a scan of it please? I’m having particular trouble getting any details of Andrew Douglas other than he was a blacksmith in Moniaive, born around 1835. His daughter, Mary Ann, was my grandmother who married in Liverpool in 1895. I know she came from Moniaive but that’s all I do know for sure. She was said to be 27yrs old at her marriage, but I’ve been told countless times that the age stated by a bride isn’t necessarily the correct age in those days. Andrew’s sister, was Agnes who married a William McCall, himself and his father were both blacksmiths too, I believe. I’ve seen a picture of a gravestone of the McCalls in Glencairn Parish Churchyard, which has Agnes Douglas added, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a picture of a gravestone with Andrew Douglas’ name on it on the web, so not sure if he is buried there. With not having specific dates, it’s difficult to order certificates to help me in my search.

Anyway, thank you very much. Take care
Pauline Cooper

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Hi, I am tracing my family tree and have information which indicates a connection with Annie (Anna) Laurie although I have not been able as yet to prove the connection. The information that I have is that Alexander Lawrie appears as overseer at Lanfine Estate near Galston, Ayrshire in 1804 when he was 28. He had a son to Janet Porter and later married Jean Dunlop and Elizabeth Brown.

Folklore says that Alexander Lawrie was the son of John Laurie of Maxwelton born about 1740 and that Annie Laurie was his great great aunt. John Laurie became secretary to Lord Melrose and also the Duke of Buccleuch and from these contacts was able to have his son Alexander educated in land management. Can anyone help me to prove or disprove these stories?
Linda Kaden Email:

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My name is Andrew Dickinson and I would like to get in contact with anyone who remembers me or my parents (Margaret and Patrick). I went to Crawfordton School from 1976 to 1980 where my parents also taught. We moved away to Southern England and losty contact. Please email:

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I visited the site and enjoyed it immensley! I would value your advice/comments on the following: How do I discover if Stenhouse Lodge, Tynron, Chapel Street and Dalwhat Cottage, Moniaive are still there? My ancestors [McGill and McKay] were born there in the mid 1800s. I am hoping to finally get to Moniaive this summer and would love to know what i can expect to find – if anything!
Many thanks

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Many thanks
402-1443 Craigflower Road, Victoria, BC, Canada

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HELLO I enjoyed your web site, the link to which my brother in Florida sent to me. I have a special attachment to Moniaive, having spent many hours doing archaeology at Craiglearan Farm back in the 1970s (studying the Norse/Galghaidhil settlement of Southwest Scotland). I returned to Moniaive and Craiglearan in the 1980s with a group of archaeology friends, having a wonderful time while staying at The George. I remember being invited to
play silly golf one lovely summer evening and have many fond memories of my times in and around Moniaive. If anybody’s interested in the results of my work (which were never published, forming the basis for a doctoral dissertation) or would like to correspond regarding 10th/11th century settlements (and earlier) in Southwest Scotland, feel free to have them contact me.

Many thanks in advance. Email:
Kind regards, Craig Mayer, Texas, USA

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I am researching family folklore which suggests that an ancestor was a Covenantor,
possibly killed at the Battle of Dunbar or its aftermath. Could you please tell me how to
get a copy of the leaflet ‘Covenantors’.
It would be of great use in my research.
Many thanks
Heather Simm

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I am interested to read on your excellent website how there are so many people from around the world interested in Annie Laurie and Moniaive. Since my family acquired Craigdarroch in 1965, the present occupant being my uncle Alex Sykes, the Annie Laurie story has intrigued us. In 1986-7 my cousin, Mark Adlington, whilst a student at Edinburgh University, wrote an excellent thesis on the history of Craigdarroch with a fair amount of rare material on Annie Laurie. I am sure Mark, who is now an accomplished artist, would be delighted to pass on the fruits of his labour. Anyone interested in this should contact me so that I can enquire how this material can be made more readily available.

James Deen

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I was pleased to surf into your great site. I am trying to locate family of a Grace Maxwell Gibson, who married 1. Anthony Wright and 2. David Coltart. She died in March 1968 (at 20 Craignee Drive, Moniaive, and is buried alongside her son Anthony Gibson Wright (married to Mary R. Bell) who died Feb 1985 and her 2nd husband David Coltart who died March 1962 at Glencairn Kirkyard, Moniaive. I know she had a son named Thomas N Gibson. She was my grandfathers sister, and contact was lost when he emigrated to NZ in 1923. I would be grateful for any help.


Dianne Cunningham Whangarei, New Zealand

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I love the web site as this is the area my grandparents come from. The McGachens of Dalwhat farm and the Fergusons and Maitlands of Caitloch, Glencairn. I have been to Moniaive several times and had a guinness in the pub and dined with friends on the high street. My McGachen data dates back to Roberts marriage to Janet Ferguson in 1715. Sally Shine, Victoria Australia

If you would like to know more about Sally’s family or feel you have a connection please let me know and I’ll put you in contact Sue Grant

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Dear Sue and Moniaive I like your website. I surfed in while looking for information about Maxwelton and Annie Laurie. I am wondering, first of all, if you know whether Maxwelton House has a website. So far I’ve been unable to find it, and it seems a little odd that a museum wouldn’t have one in this day and age.

Secondly, I was delighted to read in your website that there are paintings of Anna Laurie and her husband. Do you know a way that a yank who can’t afford to travel (in planes which have been known to smash into buildings, anyway) could get a look at a picture of them?

Or at least get a website or email of the place that has them? Any information you might have would be a big help. If you don’t know anything about this, that’s ok, too!

Thank you very much for your time,
Jayme Lunt,Kansas City, Missouri

NOTE: Since receiving the above the pictures of Annie Laurie, found on the wall in the bar of the Craigdarroch, have been posted on the web site and Jayme Lunt responded with a number of queries, if anyone can help answer any of the points raised please let me know so I an relay the information to him.. (Sue 01848 200331

I thank you for the pictures of Annie and her hubby on your website. Do you know whether the artist had an old drawing that was done from life to reference, so that it actually resembles them? That would be so great if the pics actually looked like the people really did!

I would love to receive your issue of the Gazette that has the story on Maxwelton and Annie Laurie. The reason I am interested in this subject is that my great grandmother’s name was also Annie Laurie, and she inherited a Scottish castle when she was a young girl. She never claimed it, probably because her family didn’t let her go. Traveling such a long distance was very difficult back then. Then, in the 1950’s after she was dead, the castle went up for sale, and the owner asked her younger brother, Walter Laurie, to bid on it. He declined, saying he
“couldn’t even afford the doorknob.”I have no idea whether my Annie Laurie is related to the one that the song is about, and I have no idea what the name of the property she inherited was, but I just love the romance of the song and the story.
Jayme Lunt,Kansas City, Missouri

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Local musicians CD Anyone looking for a musical memory of Moniaive should check out the Glencairn & Shinnel Folk CD. 14 tracks by local musicians recorded in Moniaive.
See CD page.


WANTED STORIES! Anyone with ideas for next issue of Glencairn Gazette – do you have a story waiting to be told? Call Sue 01848 200331/401