Moniaive & District Arts Association

Moniaive & District Arts Association was formed after a public meeting in the George Hotel, Moniaive in December 1996. The idea to form the Association came from artist – Melville Brotherston and some of his students.

We are a fully constituted Association with a membership of over 80. Members include those who wish to be practically involved in fine art and many people who are merely interested but not practically involved.

While the Association’s primary objective is in the development of interest in Fine Arts, particularly, drawing, painting, sculpture and artistic crafts, other ‘artistic’ activities, efforts are made to include arts across the board eg: music, literature, history etc. Occasional concerts/recitals have already been successful.

A full syllabus of Lectures and demonstrations is produced each year – from September through to May and the lectures are held on the third Thursday in the month, in The Masonic Hall, Moniaive.

Annual Exhibition

Exhibition 2008

Exhibition 2008

An annual exhibition of members drawings, paintings, sculpture and artistic crafts, during the summer, has been running for twelve years – giving the members an opportunity to display their work and attract a sale. The success of this Exhibition has proved that the arts attract investment and tourism to Moniaive and significantly enhances the quality of life of those who live here.

Summer Visits

An annual summer visit, to many outstanding locations – Museums, Art Galleries and places of Historical interest, have proved successful each year.


Anyone wishing to join the Association should contact Julienne Dickey, Secretary, 01848 600205