Glencairn Community Council – Current Meeting

Draft Minutes of the last meeting, May 2019 (PDF)


Meeting 7.30pm Monday May 6th 2019

*Note: AOCB must be notified to the Chair prior to the start of the meeting.

1. Sederunt and Apologies
2. Reports
2.1 Police Report 2.2 Treasurer’s Report
3. Minutes
Approval of minutes of meeting Monday 1st April 2019
4. Matters arising
4.1 Co-option (A. Doyle)
4.2 CCES
4.3 Date for windfarm fund proposals meeting
4.4 Local roads survey (April 14th deadline)
4.5 Planters update
5. Business
5.1 Blackcraig Community Benefit Fund information
5.2 Heritage signs
6. Windfarm Matters
6.1 Report from Lorg re connection, response
6.2 Cornharrow appeal to Scottish Ministers
6.3 Windyrigg Community Liaison Group (Wed 8th 7pm)
6.4 Trosten Liaison group. (letter)
7. Planning
8. Correspondence
Duncan Saunderson re windfarm
Fiona McMillan re windfarm
Folk Fest road closure
May Elections (notice in shop)
9. AOCB*

GCC Meeting 3rd June 2019